Inline cyclone pre-filtration for the removal of large, heavy particles.

AIR CYCLODUCT prefilter removes large particles prior to them reaching the filter system, for longer filter life. AIR CYCLODUCT plugs directly into the ducting before the filters.

  • Fits to all existing or new filter systems
  • 70% more compact*
  • Horizontal in design
  • Equal in efficiency (80-90% large particles)* 
  • 60% cheaper*
  • Fits to all existing ducting
  • CYCLODUCT prefilter is designed to remove large particles prior to them reaching the filter system (for longer filter life)
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Small footprint
  • Locally manufactured in South Africa
  • Can be exported worldwide

* when compared to traditional vertical cyclones

AIRCURE Environomic Features

AIRCURE contributes to your Triple Bottom Line by offering products that are not only cost-effective, but contribute positively to the environment - reclaiming used containers or materials to avoid these heading into landfills. But AIRCURE is going a step further by giving these items a new life, allowing them to contribute to a cleaner environment.

This goes beyond simply removing or storing things in an environmentally friendly manner - they are reclaimed and become part of a larger environmental solution, rather than merely a solved problem.

Save filters

Reduce your environmental impact by extending the life of your filters. AIR CYCLODUCT remove large particles prior to them reaching the filter system.

60% Cheaper

Reduce your spend by 60%. AIR CYCLODUCT is cheaper than traditional vertical cyclones.

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