Creates an invisible barrier to dust and fumes

The AIR CURTAIN creates an invisible barrier to dust, with no physical barrier required. This allows you to keep clean areas free of dust, or dusty areas contained.

  • Easily installed, assembled and removed. 
  • Adjustable blade that can change the angle and speed of air. 
  • Custom Designed 
  • Walk and drive through with ease 
  • Horizontal or vertical discharge 
  • Noise efficient design

AIRCURE Environomic Features

AIRCURE contributes to your Triple Bottom Line by offering products that are not only cost-effective, but contribute positively to the environment - reclaiming used containers or materials to avoid these heading into landfills. But AIRCURE is going a step further by giving these items a new life, allowing them to contribute to a cleaner environment.

This goes beyond simply removing or storing things in an environmentally friendly manner - they are reclaimed and become part of a larger environmental solution, rather than merely a solved problem.

Redesigned Fans

Redesigned fan blades and construction to optimise on energy efficiency

Green filters

Filters created from recycled materials

Re-used shipping pallets

Loose spare parts shipped on re-used pallets

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