Aircure was established in 1993 servicing the mining and medical industries through design and manufacture of air filtration systems. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Aircure has carried out extensive installations and maintenance throughout the Southern African region. The versatility of Aircure’s patented designs means products can be transported or shipped to anywhere in the world.

AIRCURE Product Range


Modular, containerised air filtration

AIRCURE takes a standard used container, and repurposes it with a new life as an air filtration system to clean the environment, and get rid of unwanted old containers in a single product.

Supply your own containers for an even lower-cost solution.



HEPA air filtration for removal of respirable dust in a modular form.

To truly beat silicosis, HEPA filtration is required to remove the dangerous sub-micron particles.

The AIR MOD5 HEPA provides modular, multi-stage, ultra-high efficiency HEPA filtration to save lives. Making use of H10 HEPA filters allows for 97% initial efficiency at 0.5 µm.


Creates an invisible barrier to dust and fumes

The AIR CURTAIN creates an invisible barrier to dust, with no physical barrier required. This allows you to keep clean areas free of dust, or dusty areas contained.


Inline cyclone pre-filtration for the removal of large, heavy particles.

AIR CYCLODUCT prefilter removes large particles prior to them reaching the filter system, for longer filter life. AIR CYCLODUCT plugs directly into the ducting before the filters.


De-dusting people and products

The AIR SHOWER allows your workers to remove dust from themselves when exiting dusty areas. This minimises cross contamination between people and products, and reduces risks associated with dust exposure.


Revolutionary 360° air curtain personal protection helmet
  • Independent tests prove the AIRHEAD reduces exposure to respirable dust particulates within the breathing zone
  • Personal protective barrier to dust
  • Creates a 360° barrier to airborne contaminants
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Available in 3 options; compressed air, electrical supply, and 24V battery supply
Biohazard Safety Cabinet

Biohazard Safety Cabinet

Operator, Product and Environmental Protection

AIRCURE’s Class 2 A3 Biohazard Safety Cabinet has a perfectly balanced exhaust and supply H.E.P.A. filter with exactly proportioned surface areas relative to their respective required volumes of air.

This makes the loading of both these filters equal. The final result is that no protection factor will be compromised by excessive loading to the exhaust filter or supply filter.

(No additional balancing dampers are installed to balance the airflow which minimizes the chance of any malfunction)

Laboratory Fume Cabinet

Laboratory Fume Cabinet

Operator Protection

The AIRCURE Laboratory Fume Cabinets has a perfectly balanced exhaust and supply HEPA filter with exactly proportioned surface areas relative to their respective required volumes of air.

Laminar Flow Cabinet

Laminar Flow Cabinet

Product Protection

AIRCURE Laminar Flow Cabinets (Clean benches) can be found in all manner of research and manufacturing facilities. Typically they are used in the medical, pharmaceutical and electronic sectors.